Aerohive announces the on-premises version of HiveManager®, its solution for managing wireless networks

HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance is an on-premise solution complete management of wireless networks and switches, available from $1799.

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Milpitas, Calif. — June 28, 2017 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE : HIVE), a leader in solutions for wireless connectivity company, announces HiveManager® NG Virtual Appliance, a complete system of management of networks with the deployment template on site the most economic of the market. Now, companies can manage thousands of devices and take full advantage of the network’s cloud-based Aerohive, on-site, and at a price that fits their budgets. Customers will be able to easily deploy the virtual appliance on their servers for a total cost of 1 799 $.

HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance includes the same advanced features of supervision, safety, security and access management as cloud-based solution to the editor. Its unified approach to networking in the private and public cloud, in fact, the only scalable solution in terms of scale and features, and support for different deployment models to adapt to the changing requirements of customers and partners Aerohive mobility.

Key facts from the announcement
The new HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance allows customers to deploy on-site with a complete platform of management of wireless networks supporting up to 2000 access points and switches. Customers will be able to deploy the appliance on their server infrastructures existing for a total cost of 1 799 $. For new equipment purchases of servers and software, the total cost of initial support of a network of 500 PA is of 3 300 $. The total cost of a network of 2000 PA is less than $ 5,000, HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, servers and software included.
As a component of Aerohive Select™, HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance provides the flexibility for customers who need total control over their sensitive data on-site, and that’s thanks to the simplicity inherent in the deployment and management of wireless networks based on the cloud. Customers will enjoy the same benefits and features with the appliance running on their data center that since the public cloud service from Aerohive. The editor is also the only one to offer such features and such flexibility in terms of deployment.
HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance manages the Wi-Fi architecture unique to control cooperative Aerohive, which distributes intelligently the information on the network of devices self-organized and, therefore, does not require centralized controllers, and expensive. The cost of the management platform is thus considerably reduced. Aerohive is the only publisher to propose such an approach for the support of the all customers (from the smallest to the largest companies), and thus allow them to pass with ease from one to several thousand access points.
HiveManager NG integrates the management capabilities of networks of new generation of Aerohive. The solution establishes a new benchmark in terms of simplicity and flexibility for networking in the cloud, including :
tools to both advanced and intuitive monitoring and troubleshooting
visibility and control over applications
its reporting capabilities
an access management based on profiles secure (ideal for guest devices, and BYOD)
a unified management of the access points, switches, Aerohive, and a selection of switches Dell

HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance complete the solution Aerohive Connect™ recently announced, which provides a powerful connectivity in the context of deployments within public clouds and, all this at a price aggressive. Customers Aerohive Connect need the advanced features of the solution Select or wishing to manage their network from their own data center can adopt a simple selection of deployment models on-premise or in the public cloud.

Price and availability
The license HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance are available in North America and worldwide through our distribution network for 1 of $ 799.
Equipment and third party software are also available depending on your needs :
System management software : 500 $
Server : 2 $ 400 for a maximum of 2 000 access points and switches, and an $ 820 for a maximum of 500 AP and switches

“The new HiveManager Virtual Appliance Aerohive is unique, because it offers the same advanced functionality regardless of the type of deployment,” says Chris DePuy, an analyst at 650 Group. “It is attractive for any organization in search of a simple platform and complete management of wireless networks, on site, at an affordable price. ”

“We are excited to offer the new HiveManager is available for on-site installation to our customers “, says Thomas Albrecht, sales director in charge of networks at Bechtle. “Many of them absolutely want to deploy their solution for managing wireless networks within their data centers in order to keep a total control on the data of their users. HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance allows them to do so at a very attractive price, while maintaining all of the advantages of the cloud architecture of Aerohive and its features of professional class. ”

“We are aware that our customers in many regions and sectors are required to operate on-premises deployments for legal reasons or strategic,” said David Flynn, CEO of Aerohive Networks. “With the new HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, we are excited to bring the power of our networking platform in the cloud in the context of deployments on site at a price as attractive. ”

About Aerohive Networks
Aerohive (NYSE : HIVE) enables its customers to connect, simply and with complete confidence, information, applications, and elements that they need to use. Our platform, a simple, scalable and secure, provides mobility without limitations. For our customers all over the world, each access point is a starting point. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is based in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit follow us on Twitter @Aerohive, subscribe to our blog, join our community or become a fan on our page on Facebook.

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