Advertising or responsibility, the dilemma of Twitter

On Twitter, Alex Jones has resumed his logorrhée hate as if it were nothing. Two weeks after the temporary suspension, for seven days, his account on the social network, the host, conspiracy theorist, very popular within the extreme american right, has taken over language with its almost 900 000 subscribers, free of denounce the censorship which he believes to be a victim. Twitter is the latest social network where it can be done by : banned from Facebook, YouTube and many other platforms, there has been sentenced to a slap on the wrist.

The indecisiveness of the management, have been badly experienced by the users, who have demonstrated their discontent. To encourage Twitter to punish Alex Jones, the activist Shannon Coulter – the origin of the boycott movement GrabYourWallet to companies in connection with Donald Trump – has called on the users of the social network to block on their profile the accounts of all the companies in the S&P 500, as many potential advertisers of Twitter, which is financed almost exclusively by advertising.

The malaise has spread even into the ranks of the company, two employees who have raised publicly their embarrassment… on the social network.

To extinguish the fire caused by his indecision, the president and CEO, Jack Dorsey, forcing its natural, has multiplied the interviews, revealing a certain restlessness. “More and more people are afraid of companies such as ours and the power that we attribute to it on the way in which they can live or think… We need to be more transparent and explain how and why we make our decisions “, defended the contractor.

Under pressure

The credibility of Twitter is more than ever in the game. The case of Alex Jones, is made at the time when the suspicion of foreign influence (Russia, Iran) on the platform are not extinct. The imminence of mid-term elections in the United States, on 6 November, also puts…

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