ACS Biotech raises funds through the platform of crowdequity Happy Capital

The lyon-based company ACS Biotech, specialized in the repair of cartilage, which initiates an operation of the crowdfunding platform Happy Capital with the goal of raising eur 900,000 to the general public. The funds will allow the continuation of developments in preclinical and clinical of its innovative solution in the treatment of osteoarthritis

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ACS Biotech : (finally) a good news for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

This degenerative joint disease and painful affects 170 million patients worldwide, including nearly 10 million in France. These figures are constantly increasing. Osteoarthritis is reflected anatomically by the destruction of the cartilage of the joints (knee, hip, etc.). It causes this severe pain and a significant decrease in the mobility. Cartilage is a tissue with non-innervated and non-vascularized which cannot regenerate spontaneously. There is no solution of repair of the cartilage is effective in the fight against definitely the degeneration of the tissues and remove the pain.

The patented solution ACS Biotech, this is a unique product that could repair damage to cartilage by mini-invasive surgery in just one injection ! This gel of articular cartilage ready for implantation would allow for a permanent repair. This revolution made possible by the biomaterials, innovative has been developed within the framework of a research project with the CNRS. The sale of the first kits injection is scheduled for 2020.

Pascale Hazot, the leader of the company is surrounded by a multi-disciplinary team. It brings together experts in biomaterials, biology and regulatory affairs. The company, established in 2013 is based on a scientific committee (CNRS, Hospitals and Clinics …) of international fame. The startup is based in the heart of the LyonBiopole, a world competitiveness cluster in health.

Initially incubated in the EM LYON the company also has the support and the accompaniment of the CCI Lyon, BP2L and BPI France.

ACS Biotech: crowdfunding to fund its development

ACS Biotech chooses the economy participatory to reaffirm its values and to allow investors to give meaning to their savings, while funding the real economy.

The company is associating with the platform Happy Capital to raise 400 000 € up to September and then 500 000 € before the end of the year. The fundraising campaign has already more than 110 000 € raised in the space of a week.

The platform Happy Capital invests alongside private individuals, convinced by the project’s ability to revolutionize the medical management of osteoarthritis.

About ACS Biotech

CSA Biotech is a biotechnology company specializing in the design of dies innovative natural polymers for the development of devices for tissue repair.

ACS has developed an injectable solution, an innovative cartilage repair based on a matrix of chitosan in improving the engraftment of chondrocytes. The company operates the properties of the chitosan (a biocompatible, bioresorbable, good cell adhesion) that allow the control of the cells prior to implantation.

About Happy Capital

Happy Capital is a platform of crowdfunding in the form of shares. This Fintech created in 2013, is very active in the area of SME financing. She has formed many partnerships with the KICS but also of the Banks, including with the Caisse d’epargne. It invests in all projects and selects projects whose goal is to change our daily lives, and Its founder, Philippe GABORIEAU, a graduate of HEC Paris, is also the President of AFIP (Association Française du crowdfunding) and has just taken over the Presidency of the Club Fintech HEC.

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