Achieving the highest level of certification for the training courses Prodware

Prodware is pleased to announce the obtaining of the highest degrees of certification are currently due, both in France and internationally, for its training activity :

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 Order quality LRQA (legal compliance to the decree of the quality of the June 30, 2015)
 ISO 29 990 (quality of the professional training)
 ISO 9001 (system quality management)

By going beyond simple legal compliance, Prodware manifest its commitment to continuously improve the quality of its offer.

To date, over 90 000 training organisations identified in France, only a hundred holds this triple certification.

In its activity code, Prodware is part of the 2% of the training organizations forming the most of trainees.

This training activity on business solutions and business Autodesk, Microsoft and Sage enables the group to assert its advance on segments that are most strategic for its markets.

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