According to analysts, Mol and Richter pulled down the BUX for

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 111,31 accurate, a 0.31 percent decrease, 35 503,69 point, closed Friday.

The stock market turnover of 10.5 billion huf was the leading stocks showed mixed performance during the previous day’s close.

Crow Peter, Erste Investment Zrt. director of the M1 current channel explained: the Mol and Richter pulled the negative range to the BUX, which is a daily low near to closed.

The afternoon arrived on u.s. unemployment data, the market’s very positive – he added.

The leading stock among the highlights of the OTP, which the european banking sector despite a fall on Thursday’s closing price to finish trading.

Ballai Zoltan, the Raiffeisen analyst told MTI: low turnover, a slight minus in close on the BSE. He also highlighted the OTP’s stability, adding that the OTP by Magyar Telekom the Thursday’s closing price, equal in finish to the trade.

The Mol rate of 120 huf, 0,56% 21 185 huf decreased by 1.0 billion forints in circulation.

OTP share price has not changed, 9505, paragraphs huf are closing, turnover of 5.0 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom’s exchange rate is also unchanged exchange rates, 471 huf closed, traffic 207,4 million huf.

The Richter paper price of 48 huf, 0,70% 6796 huf fell on the stock turnover of 1.7 billion huf.

The small and medium shares index, BUMIX 2735,29 point closed on Friday, it’s 30,45 exact, amounts to 1,13 percent increase on Thursday’s close relative.

The BSE áruszekciójában in on Friday have not changed the rates. The feed corn that September per tonne continue to 44 500 forint. The olajosmag villages of the sunflower price October per tonne 96 000 huf, the to rapes in August per tonne 101 000 huf.

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