Absorbers, anti-seismic defective shake Japan

Nothing goes in the small world of the manufacturers of hydraulic dampers for earthquake in Japan. On October 23, Kawakin Holdings said that its subsidiary Koyo Seiki had falsified certificates of compliance for several hundred of his shock, questioning their reliability.

These revelations follow the one according to which, Rebound System Machinery, a subsidiary of KYB, had done the same. The case had provoked strong reactions, shock absorbers, stamped KYB equipping the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan, culminating at 634 meters. The operator of the site had had to be carried out in haste an inspection of the foundations. He had announced that 90 of 225 shock absorbers complied with the standards even if they had been installed with the certificates of conformity have been falsified.

Revelations of a whistleblower

The confessions of Kawakin concern to the government, which fears a widespread practice. After the revelations of KYB, the ministry of infrastructure (MLIT) stated that the buildings concerned would not likely collapse in the event of an earthquake, and demanded of the 88 groups – japanese and foreign manufacturers of shock absorbers, seismic they are asking for an independent investigation before the end of the year. They also had to submit before the 26th of October a first report. Eighty-one have done.

The case KYB is the result of an internal investigation triggered after revelations of a whistleblower. The forgeries are performed since 2003. The embezzlement was to enable the group to meet the delivery schedules by limiting the tests. Eight employees in charge of inspections would be involved. 987 buildings in Japan, including the Tokyo station and the office of the prime minister, are equipped with shock absorbers that do not respect the standards. KYB has promised to replace by 2020 all of the shock absorbers defective, and prepares to cope with an influx of compensation claims.

Malpractice similar…

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