A social agenda re-entry very responsible for all of the actors

For the social partners, the ministry of labour and the supply chain actors in society in general, the first eight months of the presidency Emmanuel Macron are related to a marathon : after the orders, the reform of the labour law, he must, before the end of the winter, discuss the makeover that wants to give the president unemployment insurance, vocational training and learning. The consultations that, christmas and new years require, have known a truce for the past three weeks, resumed running in the beginning of January. The employers and the union will meet for the first time to talk about unemployment insurance Thursday, January 11, and continuing work on the training professional the next day, before you move on to learning.

The conclusions of these consultations, initially expected for the end of January, should be made to the government in mid-February. “Six weeks it is still very short. Then, as the government has put in the time to initiate the work on unemployment insurance, we have decided to give us a little fat, ” said a trader, who does not hide her fatigue.

Once the outcome of the discussions is known, the government is not, however, obliged to resume his account for the development of a law expected for the month of march. “It is of the co-construction, we will take note of the results, we will see if there is an agreement in whole or in part on the points they have to consider, and then taking into account their suggestions, we will write our bill,” says one in the entourage of the minister of labour, Muriel Pénicaud. That said, ” there is no commitment vis-à-vis the social partners of any resume as it is, this is not an exercise in loosely but a balance according to our objectives “, continues on rue de Grenelle.

“We don’t want a little thing for quitters ”


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