A new world to build

Book. Who would have thought that Ariane and the NASA would be outcompeted in just a few years by the entrepreneur Elon Musk on the launch of satellites, the conquest of Mars and space tourism, starting from zero ? Since the arrival of Uber, it evokes a ubérisation of the company in order to characterize the methods and ambitions without limits of these new players who shove everything in their path : the disruption is not just technological.

It is social because it transforms our behaviour and our ways of living, it is economic because it accelerates the price decline, it is cultural because it stimulates the dissemination of information, it is also ” deeply transgressive : it makes us wary of hierarchies, wanting to flatten, or remove them “, analysis Stéphane Maillard. His book, Disruption, is the key to ” understanding in this world being born, not to fear and avoid that others do the building in our place “.

How far will the disruption ? For the moment, it primarily attacks the companies. But the disruptors are dreaming to replace the State. The platforms like Facebook want that democracy in her womb rather than in the ballot boxes of the States, and that education takes place in platforms of disrupting teaching, like Coursera.

In a parisian street

“For the disruptors, it is like them : without limits,” warns the digital evangelist for Blu Age. Understand the dynamics that are working to the disruption is now urgent, and the book dissects the dynamic and the new codes, the revolution of artificial intelligence to the counter-culture of the disrupteur, fond of meditation and neuroscience. Travis Kalanick had the idea of Uber by chance in a parisian street because he was unable to find a taxi to go to a conference.

To generate…

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