A “green revolution” in Africa through the blockchain ?

Forum. And if african agriculture was finally on the verge of a huge upheaval ? This sector, which employs more than 60 % of the population in Africa is today characterised by its very low productivity. Africa is the last continent that has not yet achieved a ” green revolution “, that is to say, a jump in agricultural productivity to lead to food self-sufficiency and emancipation of tens, or even hundreds of millions of poor farmers. The challenge is significant because the enrichment of the african countryside is an indispensable prerequisite to any real economic development.

If this revolution has not yet taken place in Africa, it is because it depends mainly on the rural land, which is governed by the customary law in order to 60 % of the rural lands of the continent. The lack of formalisation of land rights hinders investment in the agricultural sector. Exchanges, sales or rentals, more or less informal, are hazardous. The scams are legion, and too much land is being bought up at low prices under conditions opaque. Lack of political will, cost prohibitive, administrative procedures, lengthy and complex, conflict between customary law and positive law, the list of reasons that hinder the formalisation of land rights in rural is long…

However, in this area as in many others, Africa could benefit from the latest technological innovations. Already, a simple GPS allows you to record the traditional knowledge of the boundaries of family land. From these data, maps of villages can be created locally with a mapping software free. Then, a simple smartphone with a scanning app allows for digital archiving of these data land on a free storage space in the cloud.

With the blockchain, a perfect traceability

But this is not…

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