A decrease in the EU’s retail sales in march on monthly basis

On a monthly level decreased retail sales in march, the European Union has grown but in the euro area. The EU statistical office (Eurostat) on Thursday reported that seasonally adjusted data according to the 19-member euro area in February compared to a 0.3 percent increase in retail sales in the European Union, however, of 0.2 percent.

Annual comparison in the euro area and 2.3 percent in the EU and 2.5 percent in retail sales in march. Compared with February, the euro zone to 0.4 percent increase in the non-food products to sell, and to 0.2 percent expansion in the food, beverages and tobacco products turnover, while the gas station ones, to 0.3 percent.

The EU as a whole in a month in comparison to gas stations to traffic and a 0.4 percent decrease, the non-food products by 0.3 percent, while food, drink and tobacco products on 0,1 percent.

The eu member states to the greatest extent in Hungary (1.8 per cent), Estonia (1,6%) and in Luxembourg (1.5 percent) increased the retail sales in march from the previous month comparison. In portugal, however, to 2.3 percent, Slovenia and Great Britain equally to 2.2 percent in Finland and 2.1 percent decrease in retail sales.

Annual comparison in the euro area the non-food products for sale to 3.1 percent, food, beverages and tobacco products turnover and 1.6 per cent expansion, while the gas stations, traffic stagnated.

The EU’s 28 member states, the combined non-food products sales was 3.7 percent, food, beverages and tobacco products turnover of 1.2 percent, the gas stations, traffic and 0.4 percent.

March last year compared to most in Slovenia (10,4 percent), Romania (9,1 percent) and in Luxembourg (to 7.8 percent) and retail sales increased. According to Eurostat data, Hungary 5,7% in march, the annual level of retail sales growth.



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