A breach in the” imperialism legal ” american

Forum. The withdrawal of the United States of the Vienna agreement on the iranian nuclear issue has once again highlighted the effect of the extraterritorial reach of u.s. court decisions. The world has legitimately moved by this imperialism legal imposition in the world of internal rules in the United States, without any connection with its territory and in violation of international treaties.

This state of fact, against which neither Europe nor the companies fail to address, is not due only to the economic power of the United States or to the domination of the dollar. It also finds its source in the effectiveness of prosecution as dictated by the u.s. attorney (Department of Justice, or ” DoJ “), which imposes its laws without federal judges have their say.

The idea, absurd in the law, that the United States would be competent to try acts committed at the other end of the planet for the sole reason that e-mail would have passed through Houston or a transfer between two foreigners would have been done in dollars is that of the DoJ, not the u.s. law.

If the DoJ can do so in his law, is that the companies targeted by these business don’t want to be a trial, whose outcome is very uncertain, especially if it is entrusted to a jury, and may result in the loss of the license to practice in the United States, which is not an option for any global enterprise. The DoJ knows : the banks and industry from around the world will negotiate and will agree to replenish the coffers of the us government.

The federal judge seized by a citizen

Lack of trial before a judge, the case law relating to the enforcement of criminal laws with extraterritorial reach, particularly in the field of corruption are virtually non-existent, and the DoJ to reign as the morality of economic relations become globalized.

But all is not lost, as there are individuals willing to take risks that companies…

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