41.9% supports red and green, while the 37.6% support the four bourgeois parties shows statistics SWEDEN’s partisympatiundersökning.

At a general election in may would the social democrats, the green Party and the Left party have 41.9 per cent of the votes, while the four bourgeois parties would get 37,6 per cent.

It shows SCB’s partisympatiundersökning.

18.4 per cent would vote for The sweden democrats. The social democrats would receive 31.1 percent of the votes and the Conservatives to 18.1 per cent.

The green party ports of the latch parliament and the Christian democrats.

For the Conservatives the decline is statistically significant, both compared with the measurement in november last year, and compared with the parliamentary elections in 2014, the same is true for both the Centre party and the sweden democrats ‘ gains.

For the green Party and the Christian democrats are the declines statistically significant compared to the 2014 elections, while the social democrats observe a statistically significant rise and the Left party is a decline compared with the novembermätningen.

In väljarflödena visible to the Conservatives since last november, has lost voters, especially to Survivors (around 1.7 percent) and less than 1% each to the Liberals and the Socialists.

Compared with the election 2014 is about 3.6 per cent of the voters left the moderate party, Centre party and about 2.1 percent has gone to The sweden democrats.

The green party has in relation to the election results 2014 lost about 1.1 percent of its voters to the social democrats, about 1 per cent for the Centre party and about 0.6 percent to the Left party.

The sweden democrats have since the parliamentary elections attracted a net of about 2.1 per cent of Conservatives voters and about 1.2 per cent of the Socialist voters.

4.808 people were surveyed between april 28 and may 28.

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