4.1 million visits to the site UEFA.com during this weekend of final of the Champions League,…

2 641 515 visits in total on Saturday on the page UEFA.com

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· A peak at 22H, time of Cardiff, with more than 250 000 fans viewing the results
· Consultations mobile have dominated, representing 73% of the traffic

Paris, June 6, 2017 – Interoute, operator and owner of a platform of cloud services world, with one of the networks largest and most advanced in Europe, and provider of it infrastructure and telecom of UEFA, has recorded 4 117 620 visits on the site UEFA.com during this weekend of final of the Champions League between Juventus Turin to Real Madrid. The main peaks in attendance have occurred at 22H, when the statistics of the match, the highlights, the interviews with the players and the celebration of delivery of the cup have been available on the site.

Compared to the final 2016 where the site had received 2 520 602 visits, this year 2 641 515 visits were recorded for this final 2017. This year has also seen a growth in the number of connections via a mobile phone (73% in 2017, 68% in 2016), the use of smartphones continues to increase.

Extracts the most viewed have been the reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo after victory, and when Sergio Ramos lifted the cup. Among the research on the details of the match such as location, logistics, and the composition of the teams, the most visited pages during the weekend of the final pages of general information on ‘The shock final between Juventus and Real Madrid’ and the ‘Final of the Champions League final at Cardiff’.
Football fans, chinese were more likely to connect.
Bruno Boucq, Director General France of Interoute, comments : “The trend of the second screen is confirmed, many internet users and mobile device users connecting to the site UEFA.com to complete their experience of the live event. This involves having an infrastructure that is very strong to disseminate web content to the public without slowing down. This is why UEFA trusts Interoute and its secure cloud and with variable geometry, connected to its network, able to deal with peak attendance, the highest in guaranteeing on the site UEFA.com a flawless experience to football fans around the world. In a world increasingly dependent upon a good web experience, a resilient infrastructure with low latency is essential. The companies that are prepared to meet this first generation connected have already taken a step ahead in their market.”.

About Interoute
Interoute is the owner of a platform of a cloud services world and one of the most important european networks consisting of 15 data centers hosting 17 Virtual Data Centres, 33 centres of colocation and direct connections on more than 206 Carrier Hotels partners on the three continental plates of Europe – Asia – Americas of the North.
The entirety of its service offerings to a IT unified, caters to multinational corporations as well as the most major telecom companies, to states and to universities.
Interoute supports its customers in their transformation to digital by providing the hybrid infrastructure enables the agility, the sovereignty and control of data, while reducing costs.
Its strategy for an IT unified shows to be attractive for enterprises seeking a platform for secure, scalable, and without coercion, on which they can build their voice, video, computing and data, and for Internet service providers wanting a high-capacity international infrastructure and the transfer of data. Interoute owns and manages 24 metropolitan area networks major among the major european business centres.
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