200 000 profiles analyzed from 6 months to a new approach to insurance scooter

APRIL Bike, specialist insurance, 2-wheeler always eager to respond to the needs of its policyholders and stick to the trends of the market, is changing its offer scooter in order to offer better guarantees and options that are more suited to scooterists.

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A market that is shifting and changing needs
The scooter market is in constant evolution for several years. Manufacturers are launching new segments, like the first scooter off-road or even with the scooters 3 wheels, making it the largest displacement available to the owners of the permit B.

The uses are also changing. The scooter is becoming more and more a vehicle for pleasure, leisure, and always freedom.
A response to the expectations
From this observation, and strong of its 30 years of experience in insurance, 2-wheeler, APRIL Bike has analyzed 200 000 call rates for 6 months and studied the claims of its contracts.

Result : the deployment of a supply scooter to be more competitive with prices falling for the bonussés and the possibility for drivers malussés ensure serenely.

Also for inclusion in the new contract :
the repayment of the helmet and the accessories of the vehicle,
the replacement value of the vehicle for 6 months,
the warranty troubleshooting accident and the service e-tow truck.
As an option, the support of the mechanical breakdown, reimbursement for equipment protection, assistance 0km and warranty of the driver is enhanced.
Insurance scooter has never been so full !

About APRIL Motorcycle Insurance

Created in 1984, the APRIL Motorcycle dealer wholesaler, a subsidiary of the APRIL group, is a specialist in insurance for 2-wheelers. We imagine, design and manage for more than 30 years of insurance contracts that have been specially developed for the practice of Motorcycle, Scooter, Quad bike and the Green Bike, for all profiles, the driver novice riders confirmed.

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