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What is the peculiarity of this French SME listed in the ranking of the 500 French champions of the growth 2017 (Les Echos*), and 1000 most dynamic companies in Europe (Financial Times*) ?

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A positioning offset within the universe of the Interim :

Located in the heart of the Technopole of Sophia-Antipolis (Alpes-Maritimes), WELLJOB is a company of temporary work (ETT), which is a figure of UFO among his fellow behemoths. 100% family owned and independent, it was founded in 1997 by Laurence and Stéphane DEROEUX, co-leaders. The company owes its success to a rigorous methodology of internal growth.

A 2-digit growth :

Total to date 32 agencies distributed throughout the national territory, the Group WELLJOB has ensured a growth rate of 47,20 % between 2012 and 2015. In 2016, it displays a turnover of 42 Million€, and a sustained rate of recruitment of 1 employee additional contracts every 10 days. In 2017, the board of estimates shall be 60 M€ in 2017 and in 2022, the Group aims 120 agencies !

A business model is atypical :

How ? By fast-paced and calibrated to new branch openings, and a strategy of growth through self-financing with a leitmotiv : the compatibility of human and a real hierarchy to flat between the headquarters and the agencies.
All employees join the Group by choice, because they can be found in the values conveyed by the latter, who, on his side, entrusted the reins of a new agency in confidence. It is, therefore, the personality of the employee who triggers the opening of the agency and not the opening that triggers the hiring.

Technological and societal innovations patented :

WELLJOB put in place in 2017, a network of interactive terminals patented – marketed under the brand hucLink – in public and private spaces with high-traffic sites, allowing very easily to the general public to consult job offers location-based and apply for without a CV in less than 2 minutes. The shopping malls, the GSB and GSA are already positioned on this concept for their own recruitment. Thus, going to be the meeting of job seekers, hucLink by WELLJOB brings a technological answer concretely to the growing problem of profiles pénuriques VS a high unemployment rate.

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