Trade ideas for 12.02.2018

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 12.02.2018


On a pair USDCAD rebounded from the level of 1,26500 and formed a pattern Pin-bar. Trade statistics shows that the force is about the same. Probably will start a slow downward correction. The 1.2250 area next, but I think will fall even lower.


On USDJPY pair failed to go below the support level 108,500 and closed above forming a Pin-bar. The bulk of the trading as we see in the shop. Probably on the fuel continue to fall and go through the level. Sale here only after the consolidation under the level.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 9.02.2018

  • Morgan Stanley changed the entrance from 1,5560 on 1,5600 in Buy Limit on EUR/AUD
  • Morgan Stanley placed a Buy limit on EUR/USD with 1,2165, TR – 1.2800 barriers,
    SL – 1.2050
  • Thomson Reuters IFR has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,2250,
    SL – 1.2150
  • Thomson Reuters IFR placed Buy limit on GBP/USD with 1,3920,
    SL – 1.3820
  • Thomson Reuters IFR triggered Buy Limit on GBP/USD
  • Thomson Reuters IFR triggered a Buy Limit on EUR/USD
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed a Buy on EUR/USD. Set TR on 1,2360, changed SL with 1,2150 on 1,2195
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed a Buy on GBP/USD. Set TR at 1.4300, changed SL 1.3820 1.3790 on
  • Thomson Reuters IFR otstupite in buying GBP/USD at 1,3920 of 1.3790. Loss-130пп
  • Morgan Stanley changed SL c 1.5230 at 1.5450 levels in the buy EUR/CAD
  • Morgan Stanley closed a Buy EUR/CAD with 1,5430 at 1.5450 levels.
    Profit +20пп
  • Bofa Merrill Lynch triggered a Sell Stop on EUR/AUD with the 1.5670 area
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed the Sell Limit on AUD/USD. Sign in with 0,7890 on 0,7820, SL with trading around 0.7990 on 0,7920
  • Thomson Reuters IFR triggered a Sell Limit on AUD/USD
  • Credit Agricole was canceled Buy limit on GBP/NZD with 1,9038, TR – 2,000,
    SL – 1.8590
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed SL with 110,50 on 109,25 for sale on USD/JPY
  • Citi changed SL from 109.45 to 108,45 for sale on USD/JPY
  • Citi closed the sale on the USD/JPY with 109,85 for 108,45.
    Profit +140пп
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