Wall Street ends up in scattered order, despite solid results

Wall Street has ended in a disorganized manner (Photo Bryan R. Smith. AFP)

Wall Street ended Tuesday in a haphazard manner, the results were very well received by a few companies, unmasking a slight worry to investors in the context of war commercial.

According to the final results at the close, the index feature of the place in new york, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has taken on 0,79%, 25.241,94 points.

The Nasdaq, in high coloring technology, has lost 0.01%, 7.840,77 points.

The expanded index S&P 500 rose 0.48% to 2.820, $ 40.

The indexes posted strong growth during a good part of the session, supported by the quarterly results exceed the expectations of several companies.

Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGLE), the parent company of Google, has jumped from 3.89%, Lockheed Martin of 1.33%, Verizon (NYSE:VZ) 1.50%, Biogen between 4.11% and 3M of 0.93% after the publication of their accounts.

“We felt that many portfolio managers are returning to the market after having been on the defensive in recent weeks because of the trade war,” said Tom Cahill of Ventura Wealth Management.

However, “a sense of hesitation on the part of some brokers was felt (then), linked to the fear that the rising costs of raw materials encumber the future growth of certain businesses” after the launch of the trade war between Washington and its trading partners, noted Maris Ogg of Tower Bridge Advisors.

The specialist takes the example of the high cost of the steel suffered by the company Whirlpool.

The manufacturer of washing machines has plunged on Tuesday on the stock Exchange (-14,52%) after the publication of its quarterly results. But this fall is also related to the conclusion of a “preliminary agreement” providing for a fine of between 111 and $ 134 million with the competition Authority in France, in the framework of an investigation into an alleged cartel between manufacturers of major appliances between 2006 and 2009.

In this context, the announcement by the administration to Trump an emergency assistance of $ 12 billion for american farmers affected by the retaliation to the us tariff has not helped the markets after Mrs Ogg.

“This suggests that the customs penalties are here to stay. If they really want to act on the consequences of these decisions, as much to remove all these taxes,” she said.

The bond market is the house: the yield on the us debt to ten years retreated to 2,950%, compared to 2,954% Monday, to close and one to 30 years 3,074%, compared to 3,091% by the end of the previous session.

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