Vinci: contract in Germany

© Reuters. Vinci: contract in Germany

Vinci (PA:SGEF) has reported on Thursday after market, Vinci Construction Terrassement has been entrusted by the railway company public German Deutsche Bahn completing the batch 1.4 the high-speed line that will connect Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Württemberg., Ulm.

The amount of 55 million euros, this contract consists of the construction of the section between the airport of Stuttgart and the city of Wendlingen. The work includes a 5.4 kilometres of earthworks-sanitation, 7.5 kilometres of pathways to the side and 8.500 square metres of acoustic screens.

With a duration of 24 months, the shipyard will employ about 100 people.

This contract is part of one of the largest ongoing projects in Germany, the ‘Stuttgart 21’, rail project and urban, which aims to relieve congestion and modernize the rail junction of Stuttgart (and access lines) by transforming the station current station with a underground passage. This project will also help to identify the high-speed line ‘Masterful European’, which should, in the end, linking Paris to Budapest (Hungary).

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