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New newsstand in Paris on march 14, 2017 (Photo Jacques DEMARTHON. AFP)

Supported on one side by the kiosks digital telephone, the other by the news and efforts on exclusive content, multiple national titles to improve their sales, a slight improvement in a period that is still difficult for the press.

The sales of national dailies posted an increase of almost continuous during the first three quarters of the year, according to figures from the CPMA-OJD, which has recently published the data for the month of September.

In September, the daily news national (today in France, La Croix, les Echos, L’equipe, Le Figaro, Liberation, The World) has seen its circulation increase by an average of 1.50% compared to September 2016.

In detail, the five newspapers to record increases of broadcasting : The World (+6,55% to 284.431 copies), Le Figaro (+3.18 per cent to 304.591 copies), The Team (+3.15% to 247.877 copies), Liberation (+0.89 per cent to 73.354 copies) and Les Echos (+0.06% to 129.431 copies).

In contrast, The Cross (-3,33% to 89.118 copies), and in France today (-10,16% to 120.373 copies) see their distribution decline, as The Parisian (-3,13%, 200.379 ex).

“It is a positive move for several months,” says Philippe Rinsed, director-general of the CPMA-OJD, an increase that is explained by two elements : “a year of news strong” and “shifts from print to digital, with a flag-bearer which is The World”.

In September, the daily evening has sold an average of 120.916 digital copies each day (for subscription or sale to the number of exclusively digital). The group should end the year with 160.000 subscribers purely digital, said the chairman of the board Louis Dreyfus magazine Strategies, without specifying the current number.

– Take-off –

“Today we have titles including le Monde, le Figaro, Les Echos and The Team who were totally off on the digital. With very attractive rates, they are able to recruit new subscribers purely digital,” says Philippe Rinsed.

A phenomenon accentuated by the kiosks of mobile phone operators, “including SFR (PA:SFRGR) Press which gave the opportunity for new readers to access the daily newspaper the national,” he continued.

The application LICO Press, available as an option and included in several packages SFR, gives you access to 80 titles, including Le Figaro and Liberation. Similar offerings have been launched more recently by Bouygues (PA:BOUY) Telecom and Orange.

The sales of digital versions by third party”, in which are recorded the number of newspapers downloaded via these applications, displayed growth impressive for September : +145% Release, +100% to The Team, +50% for The Figaro.

The model is however far from unanimous : at the end of October, the founder of Free and shareholder of the group The World Xavier Niel has compared the service to “a scheme of VAT”, lamenting that “making the free press, it is to destroy it”, in the program Click on Canal+.

The print media as a digital benefits from a reduced VAT of which the operators providing this service benefit. An opportunity that the law could remove.

Alain Weill, who has just been appointed CEO of SFR, has defended, on the contrary, in front of the Club audiovisuel de Paris, “a model that is going to explode” and that could “change the pattern of distribution of the press”. It has also provided Strategies that SFR will be allowed to pass on 50 million euros to publishers press in early 2018.

“This is a very important element, but it is also an element while young, it will be necessary to look at whether the use settles. If it installs, you can have in front of us a lever for growth”, stresses Philippe Rinsed.

Remains that digital is more difficult to monetize than the paper.

The World, who has decided not to participate in the kiosks digital, ensures that activity is the most profitable of the group, according to Louis Dreyfus, who puts forward “the investment made in the drafting” and the “exclusive content”.

The survey of the Paradise Papers has allowed the site of the World almost triple this week its gain of digital subscribers as compared to a normal week.

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