The Congress of the Mobile starts with computer and tablet

The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, presents its new products during a press conference, on February 25, 2018, in Barcelona, on the eve of the opening of the world congress of mobile telephony (Photo by Josep LAGO. AFP)

The chinese giant telecom Huawei has kicked off the unofficial of the world Congress of mobile telephony (MWC) in Barcelona, Sunday, with a new laptop and a tablet but no new high-end smartphone.

The group of Shenzhen took advantage of the opportunity to present what he said to be the first chip incorporating the standards of the 5G as they have been finalised in December last, an item that will be at the heart of its networks in the future.

But the featured products products of the press conference that was held in the centre of Barcelona have been the latest version of its laptop, the Matebook X Pro, and its new tablet, the MediaPad M5.

The two devices, with a charging time shortcuts, a battery that lasts longer and enhanced technological capabilities compared to their previous versions, including also an interconnectivity simplified between different devices of the manufacturer, computer, tablet and smartphone.

It will have to wait for the 27th of next march in Paris for that Huawei, the number three global smartphone market, unveils its next high-end device, the P20, the successor to the P10.

A little earlier in the day, the south Korean conglomerate LG has kicked off the announcements with a simple update of its mobile V30, the V30S, which has the particularity to embed the artificial intelligence (AI), with the software suite ThinkQ, the main innovation of the device.

Has the image of its competitor national Samsung (KS:005930), LG has integrated its AI house in all appliances produced by the group, smartphones, of course, but also connected tvs and home appliances.

On the other hand, no new top-end phone, to take the result of LG G6, to be presented during the edition 2017 of the MWC.

– Samsung star expected to be the day –

Among the ads of the day, Finland’s Nokia (HE:NOKIA), one of the three major manufacturers of mobile networks, has introduced a series of innovations aimed at improving the wifi at home.

Absent last year, the South Korean Samsung was to be the star of the day, with early evening its new Galaxy S9, and its big brother, the S9+, new smartphones-admirals of the chaebol.

The S9, which is due to take over the Galaxy S8, is expected to expand the use of augmented reality and can be transformed into a PC, by connecting a number of accessories.

The giant south Korean company has already announced, prior to the presentation, that its new smartphone, the price of which could increase significantly compared to the Galaxy S8, was going to offer real improvement in terms of shooting.

The day will end with the dinner of the opening of the MWC, in the city centre of Barcelona and in the presence of the king of Spain, Felipe VI. Presence against which to demonstrate some of the movements pro-independence catalans, who have planned two rallies in the afternoon.

The mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau and the president of the catalan regional parliament, the pro-independence Roger Torrent, have triggered a controversy by announcing that they would not be the sovereign, contrary to the provisions of the protocol. They accuse the king of not having had a word of sympathy for the victims of police violence during the referendum of self-determination of 1 October, prohibited by the justice.

The Mobile World Congress, which organizers expect this year more than 100,000 people, will officially open its doors this Monday.

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