Taxes on motor vehicles: Washington will not allow itself to be discouraged by a broad opposition

The u.s. Commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, on June 20, 2018 Washington, d.c. (Photo by Mandel Ngan. AFP)

The massive opposition to customs duties u.s. in the automotive sector will not prevent the administration Trump to impose if the commission considers that they are legitimate to protect national security, warned Thursday the u.s. Commerce secretary.

“The purpose of the hearings is to gather facts, to ensure that they take account of the warnings and the opinions of those in disagreement to take, in fine, a well-informed decision,” said Wilbur Ross on CNBC, while the hearings in the framework of its investigation in order to impose customs duties in the automobile sector have started Thursday.

When asked about the need to take into account whether or not the unfavorable opinions at the time where only one person over 45 is expected to testify in support of these charges, Wilbur Ross said, “it is not a plebiscite”.

And remember the strong opposition which was expressed during the survey on the sector of steel and aluminum. It had not prevented Wilbur Ross to recommend implementation of fees announced in march by the White House.

In total, 45 individuals, representing national and international companies, industry groups, unions, as well as foreign countries began to be heard Thursday at the department of Commerce in Washington.

Officials of the department of Defense will also be involved.

The us president says that the exchange with its business partners is unfair and does not cease to denounce practices that it deems “unfair”.

The president of the european Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, must get to Washington on July 25 to meet with Donald Trump, in order to defuse trade tensions between the european Union and the United States. The tax potential on the automotive sector should be mentioned.

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