SFR separates Point-of-view, the magazine of the crowned heads

SFR assigns the magazine Point of View to a group of investors led by Artemis, the holding company of François Pinault (Photo ERIC PIERMONT. AFP)

SFR (PA:SFRGR) has formalized the proposed transfer of the magazine dedicated to the news of the crowned heads of Point of View to a group of investors led by Artemis, the holding company of businessman François Pinault, at a committee of business Thursday, he said in a press release.

As pointed out by the operator in its press release, this transfer is part of a strategy of refocusing its activities in the written press on a few titles, among which the most emblematic are The Express and Liberation, for which he prepares a plan for digital development.

“SFR is looking to focus on the future of its centre from the written press by concentrating its forces and resources on The Express, Release, A nous Paris, 01 Net Magazine, and My Kitchen”, stressed FR.

In this context, the telecoms operator “has entered into exclusive negotiations with the current management Point of View supported by a consortium of investors consisting of Artemis, Constellation, and IDI,” added the group’s subsidiary Altice (AS:TCAA). If these negotiations are successful, the magazine will lean-to “actors with the tools necessary to its development, editorial, and commercial”, she says.

Artemis already held in the press and publishing the weekly The Point, the group financial information The Agefi and the publisher Tallandier.

Point-of-View, a weekly dedicated to the news of the crowned heads and gotha, had been founded in the Release. He had been redeemed at the end of a few years by its competitor, the Images of the World. It was then merged with the latter and took the name Point-of-view Images of the world, that it will keep for several decades.

The magazine, which had seen its sales drop in France, during several years, managed to stabilize last year: they rose by 0.3%, a little more than 152.000 copies in average.

The group, Patrick Drahi, who had bought out a score of titles at the belgian group Roularta in 2015, has yielded one of the most cost-effective, while still a Student, last year, as well as several titles from the professional press.

Its main assets in the clipboard remain Release and Express, but the group has mostly recently placed its ambitions in France in the audiovisual field with its north pole SFR RadioTV (BFM TV, BFM Business, BFM Paris, RMC, RMC Découverte) and the development of its offer around the sport, who will spend this summer under the brand name RMC Sport.

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