Peloton shares bike recall drop

Key Points

  • Platoon shares fell nearly 9% on Thursday after 2.2 million bikes were recalled.
  • The company has warned that the seat assembly could break, causing injury.
  • CPSC told consumers not to ride the bike and contact Peloton for replacements.

Peloton Interactive (PTON) recalls 2.2 million exercise bikes due to potential risk to safety with the seats. The news sent shares down almost 9%.

Peloton said the voluntary recall involved the model original Peloton bikes (model PL01) sold from January 2018 to May this year. The Bike Company' is unaffected.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has advised that the bicycle's seat post can break, “posing a fall hazard and injury to the user.” The CPSC said Peloton received 35 reports of the bike's seatpost breaking during use, which resulted in 13 injuries, including a broken wrist, lacerations and bruises from the fall. of users.

CPSC is warning consumers to do not use the bike and contact Peloton for a replacement seatpost, which can be installed by yourself.

This is the second reminder of Peloton, following the recall in 2021 of 125,000 of its Tread+ treadmills after 72 adults, children and pets were injured and one child died. =”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/73a26eaa4c87b179d0660ef5866f9be2.png” />



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