“Opportunity” to be concluded “quickly” a new Nafta, according to the Canada

The canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau (l) and u.s. president Donald Trump, on October 11, 2017 at the White House (Photo SAUL LOEB. AFP)

The american president Donald Trump and the Prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau were discussed on Monday of “the possibility to conclude rapidly the negotiations on a new free trade Agreement north american (Nafta), said Ottawa.

The two leaders had discussions on this thorny dossier, which blocked up to now in particular on the folder motor, and “discussed the progress made by the negotiators, americans, canadians, and mexicans, according to a press release from the office of Justin Trudeau.

For its part, the White House has indicated that in the course of his exchange with Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Trump has “stressed the importance of the early conclusion of an agreement”, according to a press release.

The american president was received last Friday at the White House with leaders of major automobile manufacturers in the United States to find a common ground over the renegotiation of Nafta and the revision of the fuel consumption standards.

Donald Trump had then explained that his administration hopes that the automakers make more cars in the United States and the build here for export.”

Saturday, Mr. Trudeau, for its part, had explained, on the canadian chain of VAT, as Mexico, Canada and the United States were the “deadline” of may 17, because, “if you want to extend the agreement, it is necessary for it to pass by the u.s. congress” is on vacation from the end of June, and then during the election campaign.

In addition to Nafta, MESSRS. Trudeau and Trump have “discussed geopolitical issues, including developments in the Middle East,” said Ottawa in reference to the 52 Palestinians killed in Gaza on Monday during demonstrations against the transfer of the american embassy to Jerusalem.

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