Nvidia partners with Foxconn to build and scale 'AI factories'


  • Nvidia partners with Foxconn to build AI-powered data centers for a wide range of applications, including electric vehicle platforms.
  • The companies will set up AI factories that will receive and process data from electric vehicles to make the vehicles smarter. .
  • The partnership also extends to the manufacturing of intelligent robotic systems.

Nvidia (NVDA) is expanding its partnership with Apple supplier Foxconn to develop data centers that will harness artificial intelligence (AI) to power a wide range of applications, including electrical. vehicle (EV) platforms, the company announced Wednesday.

With chips and software Nvidia for AI, Foxconn plans to build and scale “AI factories” that can process large amounts of data, to support digitized manufacturing and inspection workflows, EV platforms and robotic systems, as well as language-based generative services.

This decision is based on partnerships previous ties between Nvidia and Foxconn, with the companies announcing in January that Foxconn would use Nvidia's chips to develop autonomous vehicle platforms, as Foxconn expands its business in connected and electric vehicles.

Rather than selling vehicles under its own brand, Foxconn said it aims to design and manufacture cars for electric vehicle companies like Tesla, just as it makes other products for different companies. global brands.

Nvidia shares took a hit a blow. A week after the US government decided to tighten restrictions on AI chip exports to China. However, they are still up for the year and have almost tripled in value since the start of the year.


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