Macron wants more access to public services in the territories


PARIS (Reuters) – Emmanuel Macron will outline on Thursday its goal of improving access to public services in the territories, especially rural, where the number of atms and State officials has melted.

The head of State wishes to reverse this trend, including the development of houses in service to the public and forming more French to digital, ” says the Elysee.

A desire to reduce the number of civil servants – the figure of 120,000 over the five year period has been repeatedly confirmed – is unchanged. But this reduction will occur in the central governments and the poles are important.

“It’s just reversing a policy of pooling, declining public services, including the State, in the territories,” said a source at the Elysée. “We’re going to redéconcentrer, return a priority of the presence at departmental level, a little less at the regional level and to focus the main effort on the level of the central State.”

These points will be of help to the French who have the most difficulties with the new technologies, while the executive wants to dématéraliser 100% of administrative formalities by the end of the quinquennium. At the same time, a training plan will be launched.

The State estimated that 5 million people could access the services dématéralisés if they were trained. A “Pass” digital to access the trainings will be tested from September with several tens of thousands of people, with the possibility to extend this arrangement.

The network of houses of public services will not be extended to 2019 but the offer of services should be expanded. From 2020, the network will be extended at a rate that is dependent, in particular, requests of the communities, precise-t-on.

The State funds approximately 1,200 homes services to the public.

These sites bring together on a single site, access to multiple approaches (social benefits or access to employment, transport, energy, health prevention, coaching, entrepreneurship, postal service, etc.).

Emmanuel Macron will speak on the occasion of a visit in the Dordogne, which will include the beautiful part to the Post, which hosts some 500 houses of services to the public.

(Jean-Baptiste Vey, edited by Yves Clarisse)

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