John Bassères en route to a third term at the head of Pole Emploi

John Bassères, 21 march 2016, Paris (Photo THOMAS SAMSON. AFP)

John Bassères, director general of Pôle emploi, will be renewed for a third mandate at the head of the public operator, after consultation of the two assemblies, announced Saturday a communiqué of the Elysée.

“The President of the Republic considers, on the proposal of the Prime minister, to appoint Mr. Jean Bassères in the capacity of director general of Pôle emploi”, the statement said.

As provided by the Constitution, the national Assembly and the Senate will be consulted prior to the formal appointment by the Council of ministers. The committees may object to a nomination by voting against a majority of 3/5th.

In October, the board of directors of Pôle Emploi was in favour of the renewal of the mandate of Jean Bassères, in post since the end of 2011.

Named during the quinquennium Sarkozy, replacing Christian Charpy, Mr. Bassères, 57 years old, had already been reappointed in December 2014 by François Hollande.

Before arriving at the job center, the mandarin has made a career mostly in the public finances: director general of public accounting from 1998, and chief of the department of the Inspectorate general of finance ten years later.

Previously, between 1990 and 1992, he had worked with various ministers of the socialist Henri Nallet to Agriculture and then to the Justice, Michel Sapin for the Economy and Finance.

While unemployment is stagnating at a high level, Mr. Bassères has especially reorganized the follow-up of job seekers with three levels of support: “strengthened” for the most in difficulty, “guided” to the intermediate category, and “follow up” to the more self-reliant. It has also opened the operator in the digital era.

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