Has Wall Street, the Dow Jones picks up from the front

Has Wall Street, the Dow Jones picks up from the front and takes more than 2% (Photo Bryan R. Smith. AFP)

The New York stock Exchange, entry of a panic on Monday and after a start of the day erratic Tuesday, regained the momentum in the end of the session, the index feature is enjoying, briefly, more than 2%.

To 20H07 GMT, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained up to 2.10 percent before losing a bit of ground and move towards 20: 20 GMT 1.76% when the Nasdaq index, with strong staining technology, rose 1.64%, and the index expanded S&P 500 1.29%.

After its rout on Monday, “the market is trying to find up where the indices may go down and the exchanges have been all day very volatile,” said Bill Lynch of Hinsdale Associates. “The indexes have wavered between negative territory and positive throughout the day, it is like a yoyo,” he added.

The index, which measures the volatility on Wall Street, the VIX, has climbed on Tuesday in early trading to its highest level since the summer of 2015, before falling back sharply, and then evolve sawtooth.

These fluctuations were not according to Mr. Lynch, “guided by the specific information”, investors have turned their attention to corporate results and indicators.

“We just got to attend to the correction that was expected for some time” in view of the soaring indices in recent months, but “the economy remains strong, there is no recession risk on the horizon”, he estimated.

“I imagine that some traders attempt to make profits in the very short term”, for its part, advanced Sam Stovall of CFRA.

“Since the Second world war, the Dow Jones by thirty times registered a drop of 4.6% or more, and the next day he has on average finished up two out of three times”, he recalled.

“It is therefore not surprising to see a rebound reflex (this Tuesday), but this does not mean that the movement is completed,” he added.

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