Gold: slight rebound with the rates and the dollar

© Reuters. Gold: slight rebound with the rates and the dollar

At the end of the first auction of the day in London, the gold ounce was quoted 1.230,55 dollars (+ 2,2 dollars compared to an auction yesterday afternoon) and 1.051, € 75 (+ 2.5 euros).

The price of an ounce takes advantage of the slight relaxation of long rates in the u.s., the yield on T-Notes federal to ten years back on the 2.93 per cent this afternoon, as he approached again of 3% in recent days.

The other support element, at least on this day, for the safe-haven : the decline of the value of the dollar against the other major currencies, notably the euro, a few hours of discussion between u.s. president Donald Trump and the boss of the european Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Nothing to report, finally, yesterday evening, for the mass of the ingots forming the consideration for the ETF gold american SPDR Gold Shares, unchanged at 802,6 tons. Note that this level was virtually identical to the same period last year.


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