Gemalto: the intersyndicale request the cancellation of the social plan

Patrice Caine, chairman and Ceo of Thales (d), with its counterpart in Gemalto’s Philippe Vallee during the press conference presenting the union on December 18, 2017 in Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine, france) (Photo BERTRAND GUAY. AFP)

The intersyndicale of the company (AS:GTO), the world leader in SIM cards, has asked on Monday the cancellation of the social plan provided for in the undertaking in difficulty, by reason of its acquisition by the technology group Thales (PA:TCFP), announced Sunday.

Organizations USG-Unsa, CFE-CGC, FO, CGT, CFDT ask, “urged the directorate” social plan “to be purely and simply cancelled”, because “the scenario of the firm in difficulty can not be mentioned”, writes in a press release the intersyndicale, who wrote Monday in the direction of the work.

“The recent events have led to a revaluation unequivocal Gemalto (…) These events have changed the economic context taken into account at the time of the launch of the social plan, the 30 November”, considers the inter.

The offer of Thales values Gemalto to approximately 4.8 billion euros.

In addition, “while Thales looks like now possible the access to the jobs available in (this) group, we do not believe in (his) ability to reclassify the 262 persons concerned” with the backup plan of employment (PSE) announced at the end of November by Gemalto, added the trade unions.

In its letter to the directorate of labour (Direccte), the inter-union points out that “the perimeter” of Gemalto “) is evolving” and that, “de facto, the scope of the reclassification is changing”. She asks him to “check” if the PSE is “always appropriate”, given the “new perimeter”.

The intersyndicale has requested the meeting of a”committee for extraordinary company on Tuesday at 18: 00″, indicated to the AFP Anthony Vella (CFE-CGC).

In a joint press release, the CFDT Thales and the CFDT Gemalto have also felt “totally outdated”, following the announcement of the acquisition by Thales, “the scope and criteria” for the PES. They ask, “jointly the immediate cessation of the procedure”.

On 30 November, Gemalto had announced the abolition of 288 jobs in France, or roughly 10% of the workforce in the Hexagon, because of difficulties in its historical markets of SIM cards and banking cards to chip.

These jobs include sites in Gemenos and La Ciotat, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, as well as that of Meudon in the Hauts-de-Seine, with “262 dismissals maximum potential” and a thirty reclassifications, said a spokesperson for the group.

Gemalto has already reduced its workforce since April, with the merger of two factories in China, reductions in capacity on the us market, and a restructuring undertaken in the summer in the subsidiary Netsize (payment by SMS) at Meudon observatory.

The group, whose headquarters is in Amsterdam, has about 15,000 employees in the world.

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