Daimler has used the software to pass the tests anti-pollution


BERLIN (Reuters) – us investigators responsible for Daimler (DE:DAIGn) have discovered that the German manufacturer’s vehicles that were equipped with software that could have helped them successfully pass the tests on the diesel engine emissions, reports on Sunday, the Bild am Sonntag.

The number of surveys has increased on diesel engines since as Volkswagen (DE:VOWG_p) recognized in 2015, have software installed secrets about 580.000 vehicles in the United States, allowing them to pass the tests anti-pollution emitting in real-life conditions up to 40 times the authorised thresholds of nitrogen oxides.

Daimler, owner of Mercedes brand, said that the investigations about conduct in the United States and in Germany could result in significant fines and massive recalls of vehicles.

According to Bild am Sonntag, the confidential documents show that the us investigators have uncovered several software functions, allowing vehicles Daimler to pass the tests anti-pollution.

One of these features cut the system of reduction of emissions at the end of 26 km of driving. Another allows the system to reduce emissions of know, via the behavior of the car in terms of speed and acceleration, if a test is in progress.

Bild am Sonntag also cited e-mails of engineers from Daimler in which they question the legality of these devices.

A spokesman for Daimler declined to comment on the contents of these documents. He said that the German automaker is cooperating fully with the american authorities and was in compliance with a principle of strict confidentiality, as agreed with the department of Justice.

“The authorities are aware of these documents and no complaint has been filed”, said the spokesperson. “The documents in the hands of Bild were clearly published selectively in order to interfere with Daimler and its 290.000 employees.”

(Edward Taylor and Emma Thomasson; Bertrand Boucey for the French service)

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