China wants to build giant coal


BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Friday announced its intention to create companies, coal mines, very large by the end of 2020, the world’s largest producer of coal seeking to streamline the sector and to close the mines unprofitable.

The national Commission of development and reform (NDRC) announced in a press release that by the end of 2020, China had to create a number of mining companies giant, each with a production capacity of 100 million tons per year of coal, competitive in the global market, which will contribute to the modernisation of the sector.

In June, China had more than 4,000 coal mines with a total capacity of 3.41 billion tonnes per year, announced the national agency of Energy (NEA) in November. In 2016, China was 3,64 billion tons of coal.

Only six mines are capable of producing over 100 million tonnes per year to date, according to the national association of coal producers, including Shenhua Group, China Coal Energy and Datong Coal Mine.

This project is a result of its acquisition last year of the electric company public China Guodian Group by the first producer of the country’s coal Shenhua Group to create the largest group of energy distribution in the world.

In addition to its drive to modernize its government business enterprises are not very profitable, and very in debt, China is engaged in a struggle against the pollution leading to a decline in the place of coal, which still produces the majority of the country’s electricity.

In the framework of its five-year plan until 2020, China promised to eliminate approximately 800 million tons of capacity is not profitable. The coal production will reach about 3.9 billion tons a year by 2020.

(Muyu Xu and Josephine Mason, Juliette Rouillon for the French service)

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