Alphabet's Microsoft and Google Introduce New AI Initiatives for Healthcare Sector


  • Alphabet and Microsoft have launched new AI initiatives to help healthcare organizations improve their use of data and access to information.
  • Google Tools of Alphabet could make it easier for doctors and other providers to access patient data. .
  • Microsoft's plan will give healthcare organizations the ability to collect large amounts of information from doctors and hospitals.

Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet's Google (GOOG) announced new artificial intelligence initiatives ( AI) aimed at making it easier for healthcare professionals to access important information.

The Google Cloud project will give doctors and other providers the ability to find patient data, such as tests and prescription medications, in one place.

It can also help manage office tasks that Google says often lead to extra work and “burnout” among members of the medical profession.

Google said that although the use of AI in the medical field is in the early stages, “we already see the potential for a better healthcare experience and accelerated development in life sciences” thanks to data and generative AI .

Microsoft's system aims to provide healthcare organizations with the ability to efficiently bring together the multitudes of data collected by doctors and hospitals located in different locations.

The company indicated that this could eliminate the “tedious process” that healthcare workers go through to find information.

Microsoft said it will unleash the power of data are key to an organization's success, and this is especially true in healthcare, “where data has the potential to do a lot of good.”

The actions of Alphabet was up 0.3%. Microsoft shares were down 0.4% on Tuesday, but remained higher for the year. Microsoft shares are up more than 37% year-to-date, while Alphabet shares are up nearly 55% year-to-date.


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