“Advanced” in the words of Merkel on the EU

© Reuters. “ADVANCED” IN THE words OF MERKEL ON The EU

PARIS (Reuters) – the latest proposals of the German chancellor Angela Merkel on the european Union to show “progress” and “reconciliation” clear with the position of France, said on Sunday a government source French.

“There is still work for an ambitious agreement on the european economic Union,” added this source, in response to the remarks of the chancellor as reported by the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

In this interview, she provides a detailed response to the ideas of Emmanuel Macron aimed at reforming the european Union, wishing to avoid a tension between Paris and Berlin at the moment will profile a trade war with the United States and Italy concerned about its partners on the domestic front.

The chancellor supports the idea of transforming the european stability mechanism (ESM), the management system of financial crises, a european monetary Fund (EMF), which could offer short-term loans to countries in economic difficulty.

(Michel Rose, edited by Elizabeth Pineau)

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