“What are the new dividing lines between public and private actors ? “

Forum. Over the past fifteen years, the concept of social and environmental responsibility (CSR) has generated an unprecedented transformation of firms in their contribution to the major issues of the contemporary world. Number of branches are, in fact, with Committees of stakeholders or have organized a regular consultation, while taking account of the dimensions of environmental, social and ethical issues into the process of design, manufacture, and marketing have developed considerably.

Evolution, the fruit of an alchemy happy between voluntary approaches and imposed

Result : the emergence of a more open and contributive to the challenges of general interest such as climate change, scarcity of resources, rising unemployment, the territorial divide and inequality. This evolution is not simply discretionary : it is the fruit of an alchemy happy between voluntary approaches and imposed and implemented in the framework of a regulatory corpus which we can criticize the heterogeneity, but is alive and well (equality between the sexes, strategy, low carbon, duty of care, respect for fundamental human rights, etc).

Companies, therefore, have not waited for the debate generated by the action Plan for growth and business transformation (Pact) to understand that they were not simply on a financial market focusing on the short term, but also in society, and that, as such, they had to propose solutions to the development and creation of sustainable value.

This also has allowed some of them to transform structurally their business models and innovate to meet new needs, and SMES to increase their territorial reach. Examples of solutions and good practices that contribute to the common good…

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