“We’re dependent on subsidies,” said a farmer

Henry Dollet, breeder Millay (Nièvre), we sent a letter to testify on ” the price is right “. “While the States-general of the food are completed, and that Mr. President Emmanuel Macron wants to give back the spring to the farmers,” with the next farm bill, we are still in the “mess” and will always be tomorrow, ” he wrote. “Nobody talks about it, but today, a farmer is dependent on subsidies, and these are not the few cents extra per litre of milk, kilogram of meat, per quintal of wheat, and others that will make up for it “, he says.

M. Dollet, non-union, talks about his personal case. On a farm of 96 hectares, it has a herd of 80 suckler cows of charolais, which produce calves, and 15 cull cows (for slaughter) and a herd of 80 sheep. ll grown grain and oilseed crops for the feeding of his animals. According to his calculations, he produced the equivalent of more than 9 200 kg of meat per year.

A net monthly income of € 105

In 2016, the year where prices have been particularly depressed, this breeding activity has reported a net monthly income of € 105. At the same time, it has affected the volume of aid global 35 000 euros. If the aid of europe were removed, there would, according to him, raising the price of the meat of 3.79 euros per kilo in compensation. Starting from a price of 4.90 euros for a package of four steaks chopped, he calculates that he would have to pay for 6.4 euros, an increase of 30 % for the consumer.

M. Dollet, therefore, puts a warning to the ministers of agriculture of europe to that they “do not result in the budget of the CAP [common agricultural policy], while discussions on the post-2020 are underway in Brussels” and that the premium ICHN (compensatory allowance for natural handicaps) is to be redistributed…

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