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Forum. In recent decades, the workers of France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and other developed countries have been the most productive and the richest in the world. Today, this prosperity is threatened. Where is the danger ? Hordes of migrants who land on our shores ? Foreign competition of our domestic businesses ? Neither the one nor the other : the danger of this is self-inflicted.

three-quarters of Americans just barely manage to make ends meet

During the slow economic recovery, nearly one job created in the United States on five was a temporary job, and nearly half are paid at wages barely above minimum wage. While corporate profits are at historically high levels – and that a good part of these profits is put away in tax havens, three-quarters of Americans just barely manage to make ends meet and have very little savings to cope with a possible loss of employment.

A blend of technology how Silicon Valley and investment in the Wall Street imposes on the U.s. the latest trend : the so-called ” economy of sharing “, with companies like Uber, Upwork, Airbnb, Instacart, and TaskRabbit, meant to “liberate workers” to enable them to become “independent contractors” and be ” their own boss “. In reality, the workers sell themselves to get part-time jobs are still more fragmentary, and without any social protection or any assurance on the sustainability of their employment, while those companies rake in substantial profits.

Army will try

These “companies” are little more than Web sites lined to an application, with a handful of officers and a few regular employees who oversee an army of hacks in free-lance, temporary staff and sub-contractors. Upwork, by…

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