Welcome to the era of multiple

Book. In the movie, a slasher is a horror movie from Z series featuring the murders of a psychopath. In the world of work, the term does not designate the adventures of a serial killer, but those who, by obligation or by choice, combine several occupations, in reference to the slash (/), the sign typographical. In the United States, a best-selling book has even been devoted to it : One person/Multiple Careers. A New Model for Work/Life Success, Marci Alboher, who popularized the term across the Atlantic.

In France, according to a study carried out in 2016 by the Salon des micro-enterprises, there would be 4.5 million slasheurs, or 16 % of assets. 60 % would be by choice. But they are still too often perceived “as a jack-of-all, unstable individuals who struggle to engage,” regrets Marielle Beard, which is defined as a slasheuse fully exercised and happy. Consultant/connecting room/coach/trainer/copywriter, she has just added a “slash” to his bow in the publishing Profession slasheur.

Then she had to write an essay for deciphering the phenomenon of slasheurs and to move the lines in the company, Marielle, Beard has revised its copy ” by choosing to write a paper for key stakeholders “, namely the slasheurs by choice. Because, even if this trend continues, it ” continues to hear all the days of slasheurs entrust their difficulties to find their place in a working world that still operates too much in mono mode, then they want a voice in stereo “.

A toolbox

Designed as a toolbox, the book accompanies the main stages of the evolution of a slasheur, starting with his ” coming out “. Many testimonies will enrich and support the about the author. The slasheurs are, for her, ” the major actors of a silent revolution, but…

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