Vocational training : the CPF in euros is ” a measure made for the CSP + “

Ex-associate professor at the university Paris-est-Marne-la-Vallée and a connoisseur of the world of vocational training, Michel Abhervé is concerned that the reform of vocational training increases inequality. It provides for the establishment of a personal account formation (CPF) denominated in euros and available through a digital application.

How do you feel about the guidelines announced march 5 by the minister of labour, Muriel Pénicaud, to reform the vocational training ?

It is extremely difficult to have an opinion from the only available information, namely, a press that holds, even more than usual, of the communication on some measures presented as emblematic. I have rarely seen a document of this nature is also empty. We are still at the stage of declarations of intent, without any precision of the operation. Therefore, I ask myself more questions than I did answers.

Ms. Pénicaud ensures that with a personal account formation (CPF), expressed in euro, and available through a digital application, the asset will be more inclined to take ownership of their professional fate. What do you think ?

The government assumes that the training market would be fluid, with an offer allowing everyone to find what they are looking for, just as in a supermarket. However, the reality is more complex.

What is it ?

The demand for training is extraordinarily diverse. So, the answer given by training institutions rarely can be organized in an individual way : it is a structure, most often in the form of groups, in order to save costs, but also because the group dynamics are virtuous in the optical to acquire new skills. In this context, even with a wonderful application, find the training…

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