Unédic : trade unions call for the government

The unions and the employers love to spend time together that they decided to extend their discussions on the reform of the unemployment insurance. The sixth meeting of negotiations that they have held, Thursday 15 February, on this subject, was supposed to be conclusive but, failing to reach a compromise, the protagonists are granted one more week, in the hope – very fragile – that it will allow them to tie up an agreement. Has the cause of the blockage, there are, once again, the issue of the proliferation of short-term, the organizations of employers refuse to curb by imposing financial penalties. The confederations of employees, exceeded, call for the government to clarify its position and that it weighs in the debate.

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In the previous round of discussions, the employers ‘ delegation had made proposals, which are considered very insufficient by the trade unions, to fight the insecurity. They were limited to the idea of open negotiations in three sectors that consume a xed-term contract : the hospitality, the world of social action and medico-social, acting. The mechanism envisaged was not subject to any sanction if the parties were unable to agree on a reduction in short-term contracts.

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