“To boost French exports, articulate public resources and private solutions “

Forum. This knows that anyone who has ever worked in a company exporting and consistent with the academic studies carried out on this subject – is that the first factor of success or failure of a company to export is the more or less great skill that she deploys in its international development : the quality of the teams that it affects, in its international strategy, its marketing, its after-sales service, etc ; and this, even before the quality or the price of its product.

SMES need to draw on the expertise of other companies who already know how to sell in the targeted country

However, in France, we often think that to export more just projecting massively SMES in international fairs or missions of exploration that they successfully sell on their own. But how many French SMES actually have within them the skills to be able to create the confidence required to sell to Korean buyers, indonesians, or brazilians ?

How can SMES deploy more skills in their exploration export so that they often do not have the means to invest in a true team export ? Simply relying on the skills of other companies who already know how to sell in the target country : a SME from germany that wants to develop in a country will use in priority the services of agents, export, German, or trade companies, German are already selling ; the Italians, collaboration among exporters, that is to say, they will seek to find another Italian company that already sells on the target market and could help them to place their products. The SMES of these countries, reduce their time to learning new markets and have a higher success rate.

Establish rules

Until now, the French State has bet on shares of projection of SMES on export markets ; for this, it has…

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