To a soft landing for the residential property market

After four years of improvement, conditions in the real estate risks becoming less carrier in the next few years. The research firm Xerfi has just published a study on the prospects of the residential market on the horizon 2018-2019. Its conclusions ? Following a record year in 2017, which is characterised by a high volume of transactions in the former of more than 1 million housing units (+14.5 %) and price increase of 3.7 % at the national level, the wind could turn.

If Xerfi do not expect the break of major trend in 2018, experts believe that the slight increase in rate of housing loans is expected to cause a slight shortness of breath sales in the former (1.6 %) and a small lull in prices (+3 %). An inflection which should be confirmed in 2019.

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The new policy of the State vis-à-vis the real estate, which encourages less home ownership, could have a greater influence on the market in the next year. In the former, Xerfi expects a decline of 1.9% of sales, with prices stabilizing (+1.7 per cent).

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