The transformation of The Post view from the top

The transformation of a company of more than 250 000 employees can live peacefully ? This is what one might believe, reading Managers, at The Post office, the journalist Dominique-Anne Michel.

Managers who speak about their mission are confident and optimistic in the face of the massive project involves that represent the transformation of the group and its adaptation to the digital : a decrease in the number of regional directorates, wider areas to cover, positions being eliminated, the new functions created. “I’m going to be 80 sectors to manage instead of 30 and approximately 2 500 people instead of 900 “, illustrates Richard Zgrendek, director network and of the postal Bank of the Pas-de-Calais.

The purpose of the book is to describe the complexity of the organization of the giant that is The Position and the diversity of roles that covers the title of ” manager “, members of the executive committee (Comex), managers from nearby. All respondents “like [s] manager” and strongly believe in the founding values of the public service. It is even what motivates them to orchestrate the ” network reconfiguration “.

A Post disembodied

In concrete terms : the offices close, others reduce their hours, the “presence postal” moved in agencies, communal, shops, or houses of public service shared with the Pôle emploi or the family allowances Fund. If the description in detail of the mutations, including digital, well expresses the extent of the ambition of the project, The Post seems somewhat disembodied.

The staff are well reported, as well as changes that concern them : “some factors go through example of the sort for distribution (…) Of other access to the new functions (…) All this creates periods of uncertainty,” writes the journalist Dominique-Anne Michel.

But it is regrettable that it is necessary to achieve…

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