The stock markets are more sensitive to the results of the companies

Chronic. If the equity markets have registered strong performances in 2017, it is in large part because the earnings growth of the companies has been waiting for you. Traditionally, financial analysts, when considering a new vintage, demonstrate a degree of optimism and expect a significant increase in profits. But in the past few years, the same story seemed to be repeated endlessly.

Over the year, the beautiful spirit of the new year was gradually refuted by the publications quarterly to successive and the hope of higher profits were diminishing little by little. In 2017, however, with the economic recovery materializing finally, the european actions, in particular, seem to have defeated the sign indian. “The results delivered have met the expectations of the beginning of the year and the optimism is not reabsorbed. European companies show a double digit increase in their profits “, as noted by the managers of Tangerine Management.

Suez heavily sanctioned

In the coming weeks, we will of course spend, for many companies, the objectives announced at the ” photo finish “, with the season of publication of the annual results that opens. Of course, accidents are still possible, as demonstrated this week in the case of Suez. This one is even more iconic that the company belongs to the sector of services to communities, a priori, known for its low cyclicality of economic and related market volatility. But the admission by the specialist group on water treatment and waste its objectives 2017 would not be met has triggered the ire of the market.

Instead of being a slight increase as expected earlier, the operating profit should be down about 2%, to 1.28 billion euros, was announced Suez, arguing inter alia the political situation…

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