The factory Lactalis of Craon closed as long as there is a risk

The minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Travers, said on Friday that the plant’s Lactalis of Craon, Mayenne, remain closed so that any risk of contamination of its products with salmonella has not been definitely ruled out. The contamination by salmonella of baby milk Lactalis, manufactured in this plant, turns to the industrial disaster and has taken a political dimension with the government requests sanctions.

The plant of Craon is at a standstill since December 8, and 250 of his employees have been put on partial unemployment.

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The reopening will not be ordered “if and only if we have evidence that Lactalis has put in place all necessary corrective actions,” said Stéphane Travert RTL. “If the company Lactalis does not provide the demonstration that there is more risk, it can last and it will last as long as any risk will not be rejected.” He reiterated that there had been a “fault” of the first group French dairy, whose CEO, Emmanuel Besnier, so far silent on this crisis, was summoned on Friday by the minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire.

“We hope that there can be an expression of the CEO of Lactalis, because I believe that this is what our citizens expect,” said Stéphane Travert.


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