The ambitions of the video platforms of the giants of chinese Web

Sign of the turmoil that has engulfed the sector video sites in China, platforms are multiplying the projects of ipo, to raise funds and to accelerate their development.

A few days after that iQiyi, the platform of Baidu, has filed with the gendarme u.s. stock exchange documents to be introduced at Wall Street, another site, Bilibili, which target the young Chinese, has, also, open the same procedure. It hopes to raise $ 400 million (approximately 325 million euros) and iQiyi (pronounced ” ouch-tchi-i “), up to $ 1.5 billion.

The objective of these operations : to fund their expansion on a competitive market and high growth. The number of subscribers to the cable in China has for the first time declined in the first half of 2017 : $ 2.5 million viewers in less, out of a total of 250 million subscribers.

At the same time, the platforms of online videos have earned 20 million aficionados, to $ 565 million. The number of users who purchased a subscription, estimated at 144 million by the end of 2017, is expected to join the one of the subscribers to the cable by 2020, according to JPMorgan.

“People get bored and end up turning off their tv ”

The actors of the Web have come to take the market share of the traditional players, namely the State television channels. “If you look at the State television, you do not have the entertainment or propaganda of the official channels. People get bored and end up turning off their tv, says Benjamin Cavender, director of research firm China Market Research.

In a market that could reach up to € 88 billion in 2022, iQiyi leads the dance

“The platforms are becoming very popular, because consumers want to have access to a catalog of content that is more broad and creative. However, the platforms are investing heavily to develop their…

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