Status of a railroader, what’s the story there exactly ?

With the future reform of the SNCF that the government wants to adopt ” before the summer “, the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, announced, Monday, 26 February, the end of the status of a railroader for the future recruits of the railway undertaking to the public. The railroaders current, them, the would keep.

Denouncing a ” shift in power “, the unions said they would launch a work stoppage. The CGT-Cheminots, the first trade union within the company, is considering including “a month of strike action” to ” bring down the government “.

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SNCF : The government will have recourse to the orders for ” vote of the key principles before the summer ”

Historic achievement for some, a privilege for the other, what is the status of a railroader ?

  • Where is this status ?
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