SNCF : the opposition accuses the executive to bypass the Parliament, ” with the ordinances

“A crossing in force. “In the wake of the railway unions, the opposition has blasted the political will of the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, to have recourse to the ordinances for adoption,” before the summer “, the reform of the SNCF. Outside of the majority, all groups of the national Assembly accuses executive of attempting to “bypass the Parliament,” after having already used this tool last fall to transform the labour code.

“Wanting to reform the SNCF, for orders, Macron despise the people and their representatives. This shows that it has a policy of technocrats and that it does not tolerate any protest, ” growls the boss of the deputies of The Republican (LR), Christian Jacob. “A government can use orders on the transposition of european directives, but not on a topic that concerns all French and, as such, deserves a real discussion in the Parliament “, he said before denouncing ” a total disregard of the opposition and humiliation to total for the majority “. “If the president of the Republic was sure of his majority, this text would by the Assembly,” says Mr. Jacob.

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Weapon policy

A statement shared by other leaders of the opposition, of France insubordinate to the national Front, through the president of the group PS in the national Assembly, Olivier Faure, who condemns the ” denial of democracy “. A formula used as of the 22 February by the president RL of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, according to which ” the ordinances are made to meet special situations “. And not to legislate on ” a subject so important to the development of the territory “. All call on the executive to respect parliamentary debate and not wanting to go too fast, instead of robbing the opposition and trade unions ready to mobilization.

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