Seoul wants to better regulate the cryptomonnaies and plunged the bitcoin

The price of bitcoin fell 11% Thursday after South Korea announced a interdiciton trade anonymous cryptomonnaies (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE. AFP)

The price of bitcoin fell Thursday from 11% after the announcement by South Korea to ban trade anonymous cryptomonnaies and a strengthening of the fight against their use for purposes of money laundering.

Invest in the cryptomonnaies has become very popular in South Korea, a country fascinated by technology. The south-Korean bitcoins represent about 20% of world trade in the currency, which is about 10 times more than the weight of South Korea in the global economy.

The measures announced Thursday by South Korea, which include the prohibition to open anonymous accounts of cryptomonnaie, or the possibility for the regulator to prevent, if necessary, certain exchanges.

“The authorities share the idea that the exchange of virtual currency are experiencing an overheating irrational (…) and that we cannot longer ignore this situation speculative abnormal”, said in a statement the south Korean government, stating that all existing anonymous accounts would be closed next month.

The announced measures also imply a strengthening of the fight against money laundering and financial fraud -including the handling of over – using the cryptomonnaies.

“We will respond decisively to this type of crimes by inflicting the most severe sentences for offenders,” said the government, which reserves “all options, including that of preventing the exchange of cryptomonnaie when it is necessary.”

The announcement of south korea was plunging Thursday, the price of bitcoin from 11.6% to 13.827 million.

Seoul has recently banned its financial institutions from making transactions in virtual currency, particularly bitcoin, at the time of this cryptomonnaie blazed.

The international prices of bitcoin have been multiplied by 20 this year, just missing the last week of exceeding $ 20,000, after starting in 2017 around $ 1,000.

According to estimates, one million South Koreans, for the most investors to the short week, have bitcoins. The demand is so high that the price of bitcoin exceeds 20% that of the United States, its largest market.

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