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Google launches stories to the way of Snapchat

This cannot be denied : Snapchat, the preferred application of the teenagers, continues to be imitated of all units. After Facebook and Instagram, it is the turn of Google to be inspired. The american company announced, Tuesday, 13 February, on his blog the launch of the format AMP Story, which is very similar to the […]

Currency – The dollar remained lower against its rivals

The dollar remains lower against its rivals – The dollar remains lower against a basket of currencies on Monday, while asian stock markets have stabilized after the liquidation of the last week, which has lessened the demand for the greenback. The sentiment improved in the United States after the United States Congress has adopted […]

Engie, a transformation carried out at no charge

This is one of the most important transformations carried out by a French group. Resulting from the merger between Gaz de France and Suez in 2008 under the supervision of the French State, Engie has multiplied in ten years, turns strategic. While the energy landscape in Europe has been overwhelmed by the massive fall in […]

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